Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Brides of Christ

Bob Georgeson, The Inspection, 2010

Bob Georgeson, Abandonment, 2010. Photomontage

Bob Georgeson, Angels, 2010. Photomontage

Bob Georgeson, Confirmation, 2010. Photomontage

Bob Georgeson, Temptation of St Benedict, 2010. Photomontage

Bob Georgeson, Two primates discussing the role of women in the church, 2010. Photomontage

Bob Georgeson, Will you stop dripping wax on the floor!, 2009. Photomontage

All images are original cut and paste...not digital!
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The Brides of Christ series is about the relationship between religion and eroticism...


  1. The link between sex and religion is strong. It is not clear cut as the relationship is one of prohibition in many cases. In the Jewish and Christian traditions and I suspect the Islamic tradition, as they have common roots, I suspect the concept of original sin is important. Other religions and the cultures that go with them are often prescriptive in matter of sex. For example mother-in-law avoidance in Indigenous culture in Australia and the Egyptian custom of the Pharaohs marrying their sisters. Polygamy and polyandry Have a ritual significance in many religions.

    The obsession that religions have with sex has erotic overtones but the main purpose of religion is to allow a small group of people to control a large group (ie political power) and the evidence that religious leaders follow a different course of actions than the position advocated by the dogma is unarguable.

    So the question is do religions have a link to eroticism or do we just see the aphrodisiac affect of power?

  2. Thanks jp for your perceptive commentary. I must admit when I started this blog I did not anticipate intelligent discussion, and in hindsight maybe I should have said relationship between Christianity and eroticism rather than a blanket 'religion'. Certainly the concept of original sin has been a trigger for subsequent events and of my favorite works on the subject is Fra Angelico's Annunciation. In the foreground Gabriel delivers the 'good news'to Virgin Mary while in the background we see the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Message: Mary good, Eve bad...

    The issue of power is an important one. Whereas political institutions seek to control people's behaviour, religion seeks to control their minds and souls as well. Also one cannot study human sexuality without looking at the nature of power within relationships. Within the fetish world, say with domination and submission there is a dependency between participants that challenges the notion of 'who's in charge?' Ultimately love that encompasses sharing, caring and respect becomes the aphrodisiac...

    However, we should not lose sight that this post was primarily about art. The subject matter is an endless source of both ideas and amusement...and follows in the surrealist tradition of attacking cultural and political institutions that try to subjugate and control freedom of thought and expression...