Friday, 24 February 2012

Creativity in education

In my last post I mentioned a past life as an art teacher, and how valuing and encouraging creativity in the case of Danius Kesminas had led to greater the time at Xavier College they were going through a period of reassessment of their role in society (i.e. Is it in the Christian spirit to be an elitist educational establishment?). I was asked by the Headmaster: 'Why are we teaching art?' Answer: Through art we teach visual perception, the ability to see objectively...nice to see all these years later that Xavier still values this aim, even if it can't shake its elitist reputation.

If you are interested in this subject one of the key global evangelists (not religious here, but who seriously believes in the need to nurture creativity in order to save the world) is Sir Ken Robinson. His talk on the subject at a TED conference in 2006 is not only very profound, but very funny...nearly 9,000,000 people have seen can too by clicking here...

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