Thursday, 3 January 2013

Well, I did say...

...I was going fishing. A nice catch of our favourite table fish. A 45 cm Flathead with 5 plate sized Tailor. Yum! The Flathead was caught on a soft plastic lure, the Tailor on a metal slug at a slow troll in the tinnie. Definitely my preferred form of angling. This post for CK in  the UK :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous - they're some some fine looking (and I'm sure tasting) fish. What's more, that's a bigger haul in one session than I've managed in my entire fishing "career". Admittedly I've only tried it about ten times, but even so!


Bob Georgeson said...

My son, who is an obsessive angler, advises me that in order to catch fish one must think like a fish...perhaps that helps to explain some of the convoluted logic (or lack of it)you find on this blog! LOL

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