Monday, 27 January 2014

The Problem with Modern Art #1

Bob Georgeson, Cellular, Date unknown, Photomontage

I had started a whole series of works ages ago under the 'loose' banner of 'The Problem with Modern Art' which referred to my frustration (and annoyance) every time I picked up a copy of Art Forum or a similar art publication and saw what some artists were getting away with (in some cases very successfully!). I describe this kind of art as 'easy', in that it requires little skill or intellect to realize. 'If they can do it then so can I' became the mantra, albeit a bittersweet if not wholly immature sentiment...

But, every now and then I am looking for something and stumble across these never exhibited works and think 'Hey, it doesn't look all that bad!'. And this one has some elements of things I am currently interested in. But I better not give away too much lest you think that I am serious...


  1. Hi Bob, hope you don't mind me perving on your work, very impressed!
    Cheers Denys

    1. Denys! Good to hear from you, and perv, vomit, sneeze, whatever as much as you like! I was hoping to catch up with you. You can email me at so please write...there is much to discuss. Also I don't maintain YouTube page any more but the videos are here:
      Perhaps time to do a sequel to 'petit mort'? Bob