Friday, 13 April 2012

Early Twentieth Century Erotica in Spain

Every now and then you come across these little treasures...and pleasures...

A Virtual Wunderkammer: Early Twentieth Century Erotica in Spain is a site put together by Amanda Valenzuela at UCLA to accompany the book Cultures of the Erotic in Spain, 1898-1939 by Maite Zubiaurre. Highly recommended...

Just a little taste to prove that Friday 13th can be your lucky day!


  1. Thank you so much for your recommendation of the Virtual Wunderkammer. The website is a labor of love and represents hundreds of hours of work by Maite and myself, from research and archival investigation, to creating our own virtual archive and making it accessible to a global audience of scholars and curious cultural enthusiasts. Your feedback is always appreciated, especially as the site is still growing.
    Best, Amanda Valenzuela

    1. Thanks Amanda, and I am very pleased to hear that this is a work in progress! The labor of love shows through, and the passion for your subject matter is so refreshing in a world where often erotica is presented as a series of commercialised cliches. I have been interested in eroticism for a very long time. Coupled with my adherence to the surrealist aesthetic, and the love of the cinema of Luis Bunuel, I find the Spanish contrast between religious morals and human desire endlessly congratulations to you both...