Thursday, 17 May 2012

Big Day at Camel Rock

Bob Georgeson, Big Day at Camel Rock, 2010, Photomontage, Private Collection

Sometimes you have to remember your roots, and this work was inspired by my love of, and obsession with surfing (when I was young enough to get out there!). It is also an acknowledgement of honesty when it comes to big swells, new technologies and the 'philosophy' of surfing, a point maybe lost on today's young guns who sometimes forget in their desire to get aerial that there is a serenity and balance in functional surfing that has at its heart being 'at one' with the forces of nature.

However on this day who needs Pipe when the Rock is pumping perfect lefts at 4 metres?

The crowd watched as a lone knee boarder entered the water...


  1. Thank you great blog. Opened my eyes to great new worlds.

  2. Thank you Edward for your nice comment...especially nice coming from another artist! I am trying to vary the content so it's not just all about me, so feedback like this propels one to keep up the effort...and as I have hinted in other posts I find I am reaching a far greater audience than when I have exhibited at local galleries in this isolated part of the world. Whatever you do, don't tell anyone about our paradise in Australia!