Friday, 18 May 2012


Apologies for the terribly twee title of this post but it kinda fits with a visit to the newly refurbished Shepparton Art Museum. Featured was a retrospective by Sam Jinks who seems to have his lifelike silicon figures everywhere at the moment. Maybe lifelike is not the right word, for me they are more like bodies in the morgue and I am lost for what they actually mean, but one thing for sure, they are weird. Brought about largely because they are smaller in statue than a real person, about 1.4 metres, which gives them an unsettling presence.

Sam Jinks, Shade, 2011

However, when Sam decides to do a self-portrait the scale changes!

This is the second time in recent shows where I have seen the much larger than life self-portrait. What does it say about the artist? I have no idea but lets hope it's not catching...

But the day was saved by discovering a couple of Mike Brown prints in the upstairs galleries. Mike is one of my faves, and one of the few Australian artists to work almost exclusively in erotica. Much more satisfying...I feel better already.

Mike Brown, I love you, 1970, Screenprint

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