Contemporary Australia: Women

No problems with taking photographs at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art! Unlike the rather tired looking National Gallery in Canberra this institution has a vibrancy and excitement about it that is perhaps only rivalled by Hobart's MONA. And what a knockout exhibition within it's two giant display spaces. Here the artists are given ample room to produce site specific works, and let fly they do! Ones faith in the future of art is restored. Superbly curated by Julie Ewington the new breed (with a few old faces thrown in) of Oz women artists strut their stuff in a powerful show that demonstrates that contemporary art can be intelligent, fun, dynamic and accessible. And still deal with feminist issues. It's a big call, but why do I feel that women are leading the way in art at the moment? Well, unlike the blokes, they mostly avoid the wank factor...and nice touches like the explanations for kids about the works, thoughtfully hung at kid height, add to the embracing of humanity and the desire to promote art. No need to say more...let the pics do the talking...

Judith Wright, A wake, 2011, Mixed media installation.

Deborah Kelly, The Miracles, 2012, (detail), photographs

Deborah Kelly, The Miracles, 2012, photographs

Sandra Selig, prisms remember you, 2012, Spun polyester threads, nails, paint.

Justine Khamara, Watch me slip through these thin sheets, 2011, Mirrored panels, printed fabric.

Justene Williams, Your beat my scenic personality of space, 2010, Multi-screen video installation.