Tunnel vision

Bob Georgeson, Tunnel vision, 2013, Photomedia

I have been thinking about ambiance a bit lately and wondered if there was such a thing as ambient art, and reflected on many people's desire to use art as wall decoration or filler, and how we don't really interact with this on a daily basis. It is very much part of our surroundings...

So, did the obligatory Google search, and came across this company that call themselves Ambient Art (based in Australia I am sad to say). The blurb goes like this:

Have the view you have always dreamt of!

Hundreds of people everywhere are transforming their homes with the help of Ambient Art!

So what is Ambient Art?
  • Ambient Art is a portable indoor/outdoor PVC mesh screen
  • Filters the sun but still lets air flow through
  • Hides unsightly views (like the garage shed or nosey neighbours!)
  • Easily erected in just minutes
  • Wide range of ready-to-go images for you to choose from
  • Your design can be changed to suit your moods or seasons
  • Customised images (your high quality photo) available by request
  • Creates a unique ambience for your balcony/deck/entertainment setting
You can choose from our ready made views where you'll find everything from tropical islands to Japanese gardens or send in your own. No longer any reason to leave your holiday dreams behind!

I am obviously in the wrong business...