Now what?

Bermagui harbour

All over bar the shouting now. The gallery is empty after a big week with around 650 visitors coming through, most of them positive and engaged by the work. And some great conversations and discussion and possibilities for future collaboration. I managed to stumble my way through the floor talk without making too much of a fool of myself. I shall miss the interaction of being part of the wharf community. But it is time to get the new project up and running, well, after a short break anyway. Actually short is not exactly the right word, after all driving a couple of thousand kilometers halfway across Australia to visit relatives is hardly 'short'. Brief break might be a better choice of words...

The Sculpture on the Edge event closed with the fire sculpture picnic on the headland, and what a great night of camaraderie between the artists and the public. Sculptures made by local school children were ritually torched, and the main piece by Chris Polglaze was spectacular. Using green bamboo as a frame the sculpture went off with loud bangs as the enclosed air pockets exploded like fire crackers as the sections burned. I feel privileged to live in such a creative and vibrant community, not to mention bloody beautiful as well.

The kid's sculptures go up

Chris Polglaze, Pyrotechnic sculptor and all round nice guy

 Up she goes! 160 explosions!

So, what next? anonymous waves website is the first priority. And then continuing with the collaborative collusion. Eventually I would like to start bringing the work out of the virtual environment and back into public spaces, so light projections and multi-media events are the new challenges. After a few sales I can invest in a HD camcorder and start shooting some of my own footage. Generally I feel enervated and encouraged by the exercise. After a long and difficult period of self doubt and frustration, I now know that there are a few people out there who not only like my art, but understand it as them I say thank you...