Sunday, 5 January 2014

merzbo-derek and DILETTANTISMUS

Following on from the last post in the spirit of promoting the labours of others I also came across these two blogs late last year after noticing a spike in traffic from reposts of my Temptation of Saint Anthony and other works from The Brides of Christ series. It is fascinating to see the effort that people put into their passions and how the Internet makes it possible for them to share them publicly. So, thank you to Philippe Robert and Audrey Carsons respectively for the interest... 

merzbo-derek has an intriguing and eclectic visual blend (tableaux exotiques & odalisques beat) (natures mortes & musiques fictives) and superb presentation:

while DILETTANTISMUS (massive masturbation in the name of necrophilia) is definitely NOT for the fainthearted but has enough art amongst the gore to be of interest:

Click on the images if you want to proceed to the blogs...


  1. Thanks !
    (I must say I like a lot your work...)

  2. Well thank you too...I am blushing! And keep up the great work on your blog and associated projects...fascinating collection of parallel ideas...