Subvert the dominant paradigm (and build a better world while you're at it)

Graphic by David Quiles Guillo
Today is the last day of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale Version 3 and what a buzz it has been! I am absolutely stoked to have been a small part of it, not just because it is the largest art event in world history, not just because it challenges notions of what art is and where it should be seen, not just because it is inclusive where unknowns like myself can rub shoulders with established practitioners and everyone in between, and certainly not because it is a trendy thing to do. It might be tempting to see The Wrong as simply about technology, and sure much of the art either refers to it or uses it as the preferred method of delivery, but there is an underlying humanity that pervades the Pavilions and Embassies where artists have melded science and creativity to comment on the direction of our society and the threats to our freedom of thought and expression. In doing so The Wrong is more about community, and the experience for those not only involved as participants but as audience has enabled people to reach out across a troubled world and feel like they are part of something not only special, but important. The event is also somewhat political. It hovers over the traditional power structures within the art world, not in an attempt to replace them but pointing out in some cases how anachronistic they have become, and to offer an alternative to those people who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to become engaged. The Wrong is not a pointer to the future. It is the art of NOW. To David Quiles Guillo and his crew for setting the whole thing up and Sava Zolog and his for the Prosthetic Pavilion I dips me lid. And, I can't wait for the next one!