Medication animated GIF

Made from stills from my 100th experimental film Do Not Suddenly Stop Taking Your Medication

The Clouds Move Slowly

Shown at the Museum of Moscow on May 30th 2018 as part of the TYPOMANIA International Festival 2018...

we're being invaded

Produced for the exhibition "SPAMM FUTURE ft. Perfect Users" as part of SPAMM ( and the Perfect Users Collective ( The theme was: Your Vision About Spam Messages In The Future...


Screen dump of the ARTSPAM #1 email sent out to as many addresses as I could find and the reply to those who responded:

Dear spammed one,

Thank you for your patience while I experiment with art. I have been increasingly interested in the use of technology to not only distribute art but engage audiences interactively with process. Your acknowledgement is very much appreciated. Please feel free to forward on the email to anyone. For the technically minded they are animated GIF files made from stills from my film 'we are here'...

Best wishes...SpamBob

First Visit March 5th 2018

Documentation of the first discussion about the development of a video/performance work. With Gabriela Green Olea (dancer and social artist), Joy Georgeson (sculptor) and Bob Georgeson (video artist). Camel Rock, South Eastern Australia, Monday March 5th 2018.

Coda animated GIF

Made from stills from the film Coda...

Wait For Me animated GIF

Made from stills from the film Wait For Me...