I just wanted to say... (automatic poem)

I just wanted to say...
I love you
Im eternal....
Hey thanks
in all my life, in all your life, thoughts just fly away, brittle winds throw up your thoughts, nothing left to say
there is room for one more inside
I hope you have a great day!
Many of these things are
that even thought the nature of existence is the one of suffering, we are all in this together.
you were right but it doesn't change the fact that we're about to die. i'm sorry i couldn't give _____ back to you. don't forgive me. let me die with the guilt proferred, weightless and glimmering, zeroes and ones, an echo in the sound.
humanity is great and awful and i want to hug and kill everyone
Geopoliticus Face Alienated
That knowing the time of day...
fuck the unluck of good ppl
Listen learn and try to understand and call out hypocrisy whenever you can
Nothing worse than trumped up monkeys who think they are special
This salmon scanned at ten dollars, but it says nine ninety nine on the shelf

This poem was written by you, or someone, or somebody. It started with a publicly available Google Form promoted through this site and social media. The idea being that you could contribute to an automatic poem. The contributions were completely anonymous. I don't know who wrote what or what country they came from or whether it was many people or just one. Some people have obviously tried to contribute in the spirit of the experiment. Others, well you wonder why they bother. I had an interesting discussion with a software developer a few weeks back who coined the term 'crowd sourced art', which I like as a concept. His experience of such things were that given the chance people were more likely to draw a moustache on a face than use the opportunity to participate in collective creativity. So this is it, without edits or embellishment. There is some beautiful and thoughtful writing which moves me. Great poetry? I think perhaps not. But then, maybe my preconceptions have to adjust to the reality of what now exists. So, I just wanted to say...