Experimental film - the complete collection



Red Film

The Colour of Dreams





The End of the Game

The Skin of Darkness

Fingers (with Denitsa Dikova)

Collaboration with Denitsa Dikova

Perfect Users meet dadaland collective:

Process One

Spellcheck (with Sheer Zed)

West Cape

Walk Alone (revisited) (with Hidden Tribe)

I fell in love too young (Ulrike Meinhof mix)

the message

Night Watch (with The Implicit Order)




The Last Broadcast

five wells (well, well, well, well, well)

Born in a cloud (with Ars Sonor)

Curiousity about sex (with Gabriela Green Olea & KND&DEE)

kaspar is dead (with emptywhale)

Trip Hop Glitch (with Michael Borras aka Systaime & KND&DEE)

SPEAK! promo video

COPE (Communities of practice emerging) Second workshop, Bega, Sunday March 31 2019

wrongWrong and The Blind Man (with Mutantlab & Marcel Duchamp)

yes, yes

COPE (Communities of practice emerging) First workshop, Bega, Sunday February 10 2019

yes, yes you are Garrett Lynch (with The Implicit Order & The Ephemeral Man)



Soft Landing (with Andrew Codeman)


All is not roses in the city (360° version) (with The Implicit Order)

All is not roses in the city (with The Implicit Order)

360 glitch dance


Who is dadaland collective?

Five Points of a Circle - the films

DJ Vlad Live at the Kremlin Surf Club (with Cullah)

Liquid Electric Dance

Slow Star

Des fragments (with Yan Terrien)

Orange Agent

Grey Glitch #1

Grey Abstraction


The Clarity of the Pointless (with Cullah)

Cormorant Dance (with Gabriela Green Olea)

Apathy (with another cultural landside)

The Lake

Psychic Liberty (with gmz)

Blue Glitch (with gmz)

Tweed drive by

we don't care

mad as a cut snake

Kim Novaglitch

recognition (with The Implicit Order)

Art Wank

Diana Kirke

Chess glitch

Batemans Bay drive past shooting

The Summering

I need a new TV

Imago Two

Imago One


Self Portrait August 2018

Burning Brooms

Vertical glitch w/ laugh

The Silicon Smile

Self w/ glitch

we are here (hyaena fierling remix)

dadaland collective: (with Hidden Tribe)

Second Visit April 9th 2018 (with Gabriela Green Olea & Joy Georgeson)

Cassette Pet (with The Implicit Order)

The Chain by The Implicit Order (with The Implicit Order)

The Language of Space (with Inert Project & Patricia Lamas)

Do Not Suddenly Stop Taking Your Medication (with Dead Peoples Records)

The Clouds Move Slowly

we're being invaded

First Visit March 5th 2018 (with Gabriela Green Olea & Joy Georgeson)

Lichtenstein on acid (with Dead Peoples Records)

We Walk This Path (with Opiate)

Morana (with Milica Raicevic)

Perfect Users lips...Perfect Users eyes

autobiography (with duckett)

The Cycles of Emptiness (with aPatchofNettles)

Hydramatic (with aPatchofNettles)

The Phosphor Sphere (with toSowGreenNettles)

Yeah No (with David M Paganin)

if it glitches, scratch it (with David M Paganin)


Ritual (with Hyaena Fierling)

Lobster Jack




This We Are

we are here

it goes like this

The Door (with The Implicit Order)

Eight Seconds

The Way Out (with David M Paganin)

Talking with Strangers (with andRetTheNettles)

The Road Ahead

Descending scale

Going Nowhere

You are the product (with emptywhale)

The Secret Of Your Voice (with The Implicit Order)

Surf Dreams (with Juan Bacagianis & conFusion)

The Neoliberal (with toSowGreenNettles)

Sun Dance (with Alina Stefan & Alessio Lottero)

The Room Next to Mine (with The Implicit Order)

The Vagaries of Love (with Miss Lizabeth Scott)

White Coffin Blues (with Inert Project)

The Voice of Reason (with Inert Project)

The Rock

R U Serious? (with Lexie Mountain Boys)

The Sonorous Vault of Insomnia (with Calling Sister Midnight)

Remote Control (with Kevin McLeod & Jimi Hendrix)

Parracide (with Blind Willie Johnson)

Lumina Alley

One morning on a train

Road to the Absolute

quacking up (with another cultural landslide)

phenomenon (with Hidden Tribe)

Dark Clouds Hang Above The Birds (with Ann Key)

this is not an intersection (with The Implicit Order)

The Provocative Machinery of Love (with Calling Sister Midnight & Red Sky Lullaby)


Walk Alone (with Hidden Tribe)

Flying Underground (with Hidden Tribe)

east street (with Calling Sister Midnight)

LonDADA teaser #2 (with Kurt Schwitters)

Make It Stop (with Calling Sister Midnight)


the end of our dreams (with The Implicit Order)

Worlds in Collision (with Moncks Crossing)

The Last Of The Gardens (with De Grot)

Love Shadow (with rocavaco)

The Fear (with Mary Shelley & The Implicit Order)

Songs of the Magus

detached (with Alina Stefan)


Wait For Me (with The Implicit Order)

the silence (with Hyaena Fierling)

identity (with emptywhale)

The Darkness Within

Judith and Holofernes (with Hyaena Fierling)

Shadow Chase (with Hyaena Fierling)

end game (with Griet Menschaert, Denitsa Dicova and The Chess Men)

The last broadcast

I forget you (with Hyaena Fierling)

message eight one (with DJ earWIG)

Hands Feet Breath (with Griet Menschaert & Denitsa Dicova)

Across A Troubled World (with Griet Menschaert, Denitsa Dicova & Harold Budd) 

Cogitality (with Griet Menschaert, Denitsa Dicova & Kiko Dinucci)

Broken (with Denitsa Dicova & Jeris)

Kitimas Akys (with Griet Menschaert, Denitsa Dicova & Jaras Ramunas)

self: ish (playing with myself)

The Illusion of Freedom (with Hyaena Fierling Reich)

Return to Reason (with emptywhale)

Why is this happening? (with Hyaena Fierling Reich)

black red white (with The Implicit Order)

kaspar is dead (with numbers station, Hans Arp & Kevin MacLeod)

The Origins of Life (with Chico Correa & Electronic Band)

Violette (with Cousin Silas and emptywhale)

Cindy (with The Implicit Order)

Eye Candy (with Erik Satie)

That Grey Place We Go (with emptywhale)

Sunk (with w.out)

Leg Show (with emptywhale)

No Reason (with emptywhale)

The Lunar Machine (with emptywhale)

The Bride Stripped Bare (with Marcel Duchamp)

Coasts (with emptywhale)

Night Nurse