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black red white

Realization: anonymous waves
Sound: 'Complete' by The Implicit Order

You can download the HD files here...

'Complete' by The Implicit Order is taken from the extraordinary compilation album Classwar Karaoke - 0024 Survey curated by suRRism-Phonoethics and available as a free download from the Free Music Archive here...

More The Implicit Order soundscapes are available on Bandcamp here...

kaspar is dead

You can download the (higher definition) files here:

You can view all the videos on the Internet Archive here...

Prelude (to a dream)

Bob Georgeson, Prelude, 2013, Photomontage

Now if you were to seriously ask me what the dream was about I would have to say "You must be joking!"

The Origins of Life

Video mashup where contemporary dance meets the denizens of the deep in a visual poem about creativity and the emergence of life in the sea, and the womb...

You can download the files here...

The Apocalyptic Apostle

Bob Georgeson, The Apocalyptic Apostle, 2013, Photograph

Yellow bird

Bob Georgeson, Yellow bird, 2013, Photomontage

'Australia' at the Royal Academy

Well, I didn't get selected to represent Australia in the blockbuster at the Royal Academy in London (guess I am not 'landscapey' enough) but I did manage to snap a pic of Harriet, wife of the Australian High Commissioner, when she fell over drunk on the dance floor at the reception...

anonymous waves, Harriet fell over drunk on the dance floor, 2013, Photomontage



soundscape: The Implicit Order
eyescape: anonymous waves

This mashup was inspired by the track Cindy (Model Unit One) Drone Disco Remix by The Implicit Order, a prolific experimental artist hailing from the USA. I had done a review of his disturbing album 'Drifters' in an earlier post. You can check out The Implicit Order here...

For the HD downloadable files of the video go to it's page on The Internet Archive here...
For all my videos on the Archive go here...
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Through a Garden Darkly

anonymous waves, Through a Garden Darkly, 2013, Photomontage

clenched fingers

anonymous waves, clenched fingers, 2013, photomontage

object obscure
the path
infinity's breath
a clouded
clenched fingers

Birds of Christ

No, I am not starting a new series...excuse the pun...

anonymous waves, Birds of Christ, 2013, Photomontage

Crime Scene

anonymous waves, Crime Scene, 2013, photomontage

I have always liked alleyways. The paradox of escape or entrapment. What secrets do they hold? This work began with some snapshots taken while walking along the 'avenue of consumerism' that is the main street of Burleigh Heads on Australia's Gold Coast. A young skater weaving down the street with mobile phone glued to his ear was the inspiration for the poem 'APPology' a few posts back...

The street is largely made up of cafes and boutiques, the cafe clientele often looking as if they had stepped straight out of the shop windows as they order their flat whites. The second paradox: the unadorned alleyways intersecting with the manicured world of display and desire.

But there is an even more sinister side to this work that was prompted by the publicity surrounding the Jill Meagher tragedy (for my overseas readers a young woman on her way home from a work 'do' was dragged into an alleyway, raped and murdered. Her attacker, a serial offender, in hindsight should never have been walking the streets).

It struck me that the desire to be something other than ourselves that is at the heart of the cliched world of fashion marketing, and the implied objectification of women ultimately creates the environment that breeds the kind of person who knows the difference between right and wrong, but simply doesn't care. Fashion victim? Dressed to kill? She was asking for it? Think about it next time you pass a boutique, or an alleyway...

No Reason

soundscape: emptywhale
eyescape: anonymous waves

You can watch and download from the Internet Archive here (MPEG2 file and full screen recommended)...

...and the full set of videos can be found here...

Picabia's keys

anonymous waves, Picabia's keys, 2013, colllage

This one is a little tribute to Francis Picabia, whose 1918 poem 'Anecdote' is the inspiration for the anonymous waves project, which at the moment is languishing somewhat, and possibly somewhere, in the Tasman Sea on a rudderless boat...

Star Poem #1

anonymous waves, Star Poem #1, 2013, mixed media


anonymous waves, 38, Photomontage, 2013

Beginning a series of newer 'conceptual' works and appropriations...

Red torso

 Bob Georgeson, Red torso, 2013, digital photography

What better way to celebrate the first day of winter than by the warm cozy glow of the wood fire...

Macedonian Madonna

Bob Georgeson, Macedonian Madonna, 2013, Digital photography

One from the 'Worlds in Collision' series...

Truth or Dare?

Bob Georgeson, Truth or Dare?, 2013, Digital photography

It's a worry...old style arcade game next to automatic teller machines. Try your luck?

I am no ghost

anonymous waves, Self portrait in Tocumwal, late March 2013, digital photograph

This one is just a little visual joke for some people I know in the ambient music field...