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Projection experiment #3

Photos taken from a day of video projection experiments to show scale and resolution...

the silence

Sometimes in life there are things you are better off not knowing...

Old Bega Hospital

Old Bega Hospital is my favourite building in the local area. Sadly fire has left it in a state of disrepair. Recently funds were allocated to re-roof the building as a start towards restoration. It is obviously needed as an important part of the local heritage. However, I like it just the way it is, and although I recognise that it won't remain like this forever, I do think that it is in a perfect state for an intervention. Whether this be projection or performance or both I  am open to suggestions. Of course, all highly illegal, but nothing ventured, nothing gained? Contact me if interested...

The Isle of Lost Dreams

Bob Georgeson, The Isle of Lost Dreams, 2015, Digital print