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LES MAMELLES DE TIRESIAS is a French website run by the charming Patrick Vincent that focuses on dada, surrealism, constructivism and other avant-garde movements. Superbly researched and up-to-date with current events and exhibitions it is a wonderful resource for all who are passionate about art. Produced with an enthusiasm that only a devotee can understand I recommend it highly and encourage you to add it to your bookmarks. 

I am honoured to be included in the list of artists on the homepage, many of them being seminal influences on my own humble creative efforts. I was also pleased to see Dusan Marek on the list, and I have shared some of my memories of him with Patrick. Thank you Mr. Vincent! It is indeed a privilege...

Bride of Christ

Bob Georgeson, Bride of Christ, 2009, Photomontage

Let's kick off the festive season with appropriate cynicism...

The Nuptial Contract

Bob Georgeson, The Nuptial Contract, 200?, Photomontage

An early one that has never seen the light of day before. Was one of the precursors of 'The Brides of Christ' series when I was 'doing a job' on bridal couture magazines. I don't think it requires any further explanation...


This is the press photo that triggered the whole 'Brides of Christ' series. It was not the sordid context that inspired me. If you want that then check the Wikipedia entry for Rose Porteus. What I saw was a woman (described by the media as a 'socialite') dressed in virginal white and heels with a nice set of pins framed by the pews as she strode down the aisle to "pray for her dead husband". Along with my obsession with Luis Bunuel's Viridiana...

Crime of Passion

Bob Georgeson, Crime of Passion, 2007, Photomontage

An earlier one where I was playing around with some cruciform shaped cut ups...also relates to recent post 'Crime Scene' in sentiment...

Birds of Christ

No, I am not starting a new series...excuse the pun...

anonymous waves, Birds of Christ, 2013, Photomontage

O Come, All Ye Faithful

Bob Georgeson, O Come, All Ye Faithful, 2012, Photomontage

One of the last (I can hear the sighs of relief!) from The Brides of Christ series...

The Holy Fear

Bob Georgeson, The Holy Fear, 2009, Photomontage

Another one from The Brides of Christ series...

The Holy Fear

Bob Georgeson, The Holy Fear, 2009, Photomontage

Another one from The Brides of Christ series...


Bob Georgeson, Ecstasy, 2010, photomontage

The Lord does indeed move in mysterious waves. Waves? I must be stark waving mad! I should have said ways! No mystery in this one from 'The Brides of Christ' takes second place to least she's over 18...

Night nurse

Bob Georgeson, Night nurse, 2007, Photomontage


Bob Georgeson, Realization, 2011, Photomontage

Now really, you weren't expecting a female Pieta with lesbian overtones were you? No, this subject's far too serious for a cheap shot at the church. Forget the resurrection and join me in a loud guttural primal roar at the stupidity of mankind...we really are slow learners. Easter Sunday 2013...


Bob Georgeson, Magdalena, 2013, Photomontage

Can't wait for the Resurrection! And after around 3000 kilometers I am back in the studio...all I can say is "Jesus! It's a big country..."

Lot and his daughters

Bob Georgeson, Lot and his daughters, 2010, Photomontage

One from the current show that sold today! Yay! Halfway to getting a HD camcorder I hope? And an interesting day with a lovely, and very pious lady who has had more than her fair share of troubles with a sick husband and two mentally ill sons in tears over my 'And all this shall be yours...'

We had a long and very fruitful conversation about what I was trying to achieve and her 'faith' and the strength it gave her as an individual in what is a very difficult situation. A little moment where the love of humanity overshadowed differences of opinion. Honoured, then humbled...


Bob Georgeson, Humility, 2010, Photomontage

With papal succession in the air what more appropriate time to bring this one out of the closet (sic). It will be part of the forthcoming exhibition mentioned last post, and will be for sale at a ridiculously cheap discount price considering the years of research that went into it's creation. You really have no idea of how many girlie magazines I had to look through to find that pair of legs! Brothers and sisters save my sole...a new Pope is coming! I might have to give up all this online crap and get out the scalpel and cutting mat again...

Exhibition coming up...

The exhibition is called anonymous waves: bob georgeson - past & present. Runs from Saturday 2nd March - Monday 11th March as part of the 2013 Sculpture on the Edge event. The venue is Shop 7 Art Space upstairs at the Fishermen's Cooperative Bermagui Wharf. Hours 10am til the Horse & Camel Wine Bar closes...

Here's the blurb: Firmly committed to the surrealist aesthetic Bob Georgeson uses subversive, sometimes controversial, and often humorous ideas, images and themes to explore the intersection between reality and desire. From working mainly in photomontage in the past he is now increasingly exploring new technologies, in particular video art, and working primarily and collaboratively online in the public domain.

There will be a floor talk on Wednesday 6th March at 11am called: Art in the digital domain 

Adult themes and nudity


Lets kick off the new year with piety! Why? Am I feeling guilty about too much indulgence over the silly season? Of course not! Don't be silly in even starting to think so. It is simply because it all gets more depraved from here on in...

Postcard c.1920's?

Philip Hermogenes Calderon, St Elizabeth of Hungary's Great Act of Renunciation, 1891, Oil on canvas, Tate, London

An interesting comparison between the gravures interpretation against the subtlety of the original painting. If you don't know the story here is the Tate's description: 

"Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) was the wife of Lewis, Landgrave of Thuringia. After his death in 1227 during one of the Crusades, she entered a convent and devoted herself to good works. Before becoming a nun, she passed through a spiritual crisis, torn by the need to renounce the world, and therefore her children, in order to fulfill her desire to serve God. Pressed by a domineering monk, Conrad, whose natural affections had been starved by celibacy, Elizabeth finally vowed that 'naked and barefoot' she would follow her 'naked Lord'. Calderon's picture shows this moment of self-abasement.  
Calderon took his subject from a play by Charles Kingsley, 'The Saint's Tragedy', first published in 1848. It was based on fact."

Poor Elizabeth...dead at 24, sanctified sure, but ending up the salacious subject matter of late 19th Century 'Salon Art', where the plethora of nude women in subservient poses is as much of a crime as her very brief life. More details about Elizabeth from Wikipedia...

...and on that note I am off to listen to the latest emptywhale release 'That Grey Place We Go'. Happy New Year...

and all this shall be yours

Bob Georgeson, and all this shall be yours, 2010, Photomontage

With Christmas coming on time to get out the lights!

Father, when will my dress be ready?

Bob Georgeson, Father, when will my dress be ready?, 2010, Photomontage

This one from 'The Brides of Christ' series references the famous quote favoured by the surrealists, "beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella" from Les Chants de Maldoror by the Comte de Lautreamont. Apologies to Helmut Newton for the appropriation of the nude but I think he and June would appreciate the humour.

But it says here...

Bob Georgeson, But it says here..., 2009? Photomontage

Another one from the Brides Of Christ series that I had forgotten I had done! An interesting part of the creative process...I don't know if other artists have the same experience. Guess one is busy looking forward much of the time, so it is a surprise to go back through the files and discover these works that have never seen the light of day. Either that or I was so smashed I just didn't remember doing, that can't be the case because I never get out the spray adhesive while inebriated...nothing worse than gluing ones face to the table...