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I fell in love too young

I fell in love too young to know all that existence under threatening skies the limit of my patience is a virtue to be cherished little ones and twos a crowd three monkeys swing high and low down rider on the plains of the desert served after the mainline shoots and leaves without saying goodbye to all that matters not to me myself and I want you so much ado about what I said last to arrive at your destination unknown to science and art intertwined forever in our hearts and minds over matters of the heart and soul dancer in the skies above us and them changes everything now and again you say what you really mean to me all the time and space travel to the city of orange days and purple nights in black chiffon and lace my shoes together we walk together down this road to nowhere man and woman together in holy grail drinking from the cup of chance encounters with strangers in the night of the long knives and forks in the road less travelled too far and away from home is where the heart beats to a different drum and bass caught in a river that flows and ebbs to escape it's past caring about you don't love me you have never loved mea culpa and all that latin festivals that go bang in small doses of life giving medicine that helps I need somebody all the time not just anytime sooner rather than later on this evening when the sun goes down on me forever in my mind that wanders through the twisting lane overtaking the rest of the field where poppies grow and bodies decompose this poem of love me tender is the night before us who wait for a dawn that never comes...



kaspar is dead

The film 'kaspar is dead' is based on the poem of the same name by Hans Arp written in the early days of the dada protest. Music by emptywhale.

The film was produced for the exhibition SPEAK! presented by dadaland collective:

It has also recently been shown at the Museum of Moscow as part of the 2019 TYPOMANIA International Festival, a festival celebrating all things typographical...

Art Wank

This one started off as a pic taken of text in a wanky art magazine. The more I tried to read, let alone understand what it meant, the more it kept going around in circles until finally disintegrating into another context all together...

The Summering animated GIF

Stills from the film The Summering

The Summering

A threshold poem of sorts...


Very pleased to have my film and poem 'detached' included as part of the dadabloge event staged by the mobius group in Boston
'detached' began as a cut-up poem in English which was then translated into Romanian and read by Romanian dancer and artist Alina Stefan. As the dadabloge event is a tribute to dada founder Tristan Tzara (known to his friends as 'the little Romanian') it makes a nice connection...and special thanks to Tim Tsang for the loop through to the artists at mobius!

critical engagement

least obviously
intricate web
geometric poem
insistently intervenes

a demarcation
stake out
sacred discourses
strings plucked
within the fabric

texture may
virtually any shape

deepest recesses
whose claustrophobic
is something of an unquiet soul

it will always find ways to return

dadaland collective:

dadaland collective:

is a proposal for the next iteration of The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale to be called The Wrong (nova) scheduled for November/December 2019 and January 2020. The Wrong Board and Council is yet to hand down guidelines and timelines (this is expected late 2018), but from previous nova events organised by The Wrong's founder David Quiles Guill√≥ we might assume that they include this: “An interactive, full-environmental experience inside museums and cultural institutions, utilizing color, light, textures, music and design, in the form of collaborative and integrated art compositions and performances by a selected range of artists from around the world. Each time NOVA happens, it happens in a different shape and form, but always respecting its three key features: to reveal the work in progress, to generate all work in collaboration between the artists participating and to always make it live.”

dadaland collective:

takes as it's point of departure Hugo Ball's description of Cabaret Voltaire: “Everyone has been seized by an indefinable intoxication. The small cabaret is about to come apart at the seams and is going to be a playground for crazy emotions.”

If you would like to be part of dadaland collective: please write to