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we are here (hyaena fierling remix)

Remix of the soundtrack to an earlier video 'we are here'. A bit more 'glitchy' and 'noise'. Selected for Experimental Video shown at the Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania October/November 2018.


Bob Georgeson, THERE'S NOTHING I WANT, 2018, Photomedia

Red Slash

Bob Georgeson, Red Slash, 2018, Mixed media

The Future

Bob Georgeson, The Future, 2016, Photomontage

Bob Georgeson, The Future (in situ), 2016, Photomontage

east street

A short film about hopelessness, despair, alienation and youth suicide and how our environment affects our well-being. Made in Bega, New South Wales, Australia.

Improvisation: Jamie Forbes
Video: Bob Georgeson
Sound: Calling Sister Midnight

Left Field

Bob Georgeson, Left Field, 2016, Photomontage

The Magus #2

Series of stills from a 1 minute video loop no sound projected on a vertical monitor