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Blue 3D

This work was the base for my first 3D experiment on Facebook. Unfortunately it can't translate to the static display of this website, but it does raise the opportunity to say that you can Friend me on Facebook if you haven't done so already. Most major works make it onto here but there are other bits and pieces that don't.

Empty Crate

Homeostasis Lab

VERY excited about being selected for 2020 ARTISTS on the run on the theme of DIGITAL Decolonization as part of the Homeostasis Lab. The Lab has been going since 2013 and "is a constant and timeless “work in progress” and runs through a collaborative open-system of artists, art thinkers, museums and institutions from different places all over the world. Connected together, the immaterial consciousness helps the system to act as a repository designed for sharing the digital artistic production.

Exploring the aspect of data accumulation, we aim to create a multi-cultural aesthetic experience, only possible through digital media. The aesthetic environment is regulated naturally over a feedback system that depends on receiving constant input from organic/human artistic production, where information is always being exchanged through its constituent elements, reaching a constantly changeable equilibrium. This way the Lab works as a thermometer, a self-regulatory media."

My work selected was Transitory Encounter