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A viral lockdown online collaborative art and music interaction

"Not sure what to call this one? Thought of Francis Bacon for some reason. Any suggestions?" said @anonymouswaves (aka Bob Georgeson) on Twitter referring to a stunning piece of digital art design he had just finished and shared.

"Tubular Crystal Vortex Undulating On a Lava Sunset. I'll probably have to produce a track with the same title now (insert laughing emoticon)" said me in a half joking and half serious manner. (Sheer Zed)

"Can't wait to hear that!" replies @anonymouswaves (aka Bob Georgeson) on Twitter.

"You're on. May I have your excellent art work as the cover? I'll make it a freebie on Bandcamp." said me. (Sheer Zed)

Tubular Crystal Vortex Undulating on a Lava Sunset

Tubular Crystal Vortex Undulating on a Lava Sunset

If you could take a sharp plane to reality, would the curl look a little like that?
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel memories?
Enter flux twirl this is incredibly mesmerizing
I would dare suggest a title for this image
But I find it very interesting Planet Saturn Ring Cycle
A visual experience that we have strongly related to the two dimensionality of technical image
That looks awesome! Worm Hole Bacon z vortex {Coffee, Eggs and Wormholes}
Public Vortex? white noise Quantum Tunnel
Tunnel to My Heart Quantum Decoherence
My colon! makes me think of a guild heighliner from Dune
The act of representing as if it were three-dimensional
An astronomical “Worm Hole” comes to mynd
Without the Riding Valkyries!

by Sheer Zed, Melwell Romancito, Archimadrita Sophrony, Krysia St Clair, Mitch Posada, Simone Leifels, Paul Payten, Lisa Videion, Yvana Samandova, Dean Brink, Ohm Zutt, John Bardakos, Steve Stafford, Margosha Pyke, Pteryx McKenna, Daniel Mcmahan, Carlos Orraca, Ron Smyrski, Vicki Curry and Bob Georgeson