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I am very pleased to have one of my experimental sound works included in the album BLESSED/CURSED by Glitch Artists Collective. The album was conceived and compiled by Nicholas Davis from NMT Arts from contributions from the digitally deranged souls who inhabit the murky depths of Dawnia Darkstone's Letsglitchit Discord server.


A viral lockdown online collaborative art and music interaction

"Not sure what to call this one? Thought of Francis Bacon for some reason. Any suggestions?" said @anonymouswaves (aka Bob Georgeson) on Twitter referring to a stunning piece of digital art design he had just finished and shared.

"Tubular Crystal Vortex Undulating On a Lava Sunset. I'll probably have to produce a track with the same title now (insert laughing emoticon)" said me in a half joking and half serious manner. (Sheer Zed)

"Can't wait to hear that!" replies @anonymouswaves (aka Bob Georgeson) on Twitter.

"You're on. May I have your excellent art work as the cover? I'll make it a freebie on Bandcamp." said me. (Sheer Zed)

The Best Friend You'll Ever Have

Honoured to have a 5 track EP of my experimental sound works released on Bandcamp by the Mirrormelts Records label out of San Jose in California. Thanks to impresario Ian Webb!

Press Refresh

Very excited to be included in the Press Refresh exhibition as part of The Wrong Biennale 2019/2020! The exhibition is online here and physically at The Wrong Epicentre @ Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània CCCC in Valencia in Spain. Curator David Quiles Guillo informs me that the exhibition will continue beyond the extent of The Wrong #4. My work featured is the video/sound piece 'Interference"

Night Watch

Honoured to have a collaborative sound piece included in The Implicit Orders "The Chain" Volume Two album which along with Volume One summarises/celebrates his 30 years in the business of experimental sound compositions spanning a staggering total of 57 albums. You can find the full discography here

Night Watch

A collaboration with Anthony Washburn aka The Implicit Order...

dadaland collective presents it's first exhibition SPEAK! The exhibition is about "words, language, communication, information, letters, voice, dialects, linguistics, sounds, people" and features works by Tim Tsang (USA), Anthony Washburn (aka The Implicit Order) (USA), Elle Thorkveld (USA), Milica Raicevic (Serbia), Sava Zolog (aka Darko Vukic) (Serbia), Gabriela Green Olea (Australia), Jose Ramon Alcala (Spain), Kerry Baldry (UK), Parch Es (USA), Stefan Ljumov (Serbia), Yvana Samandova (France), Michael Szpakowski (UK), Borjan Zarevski (France), Miloš Bojović (Serbia), Yartn Saloan (Mexico), Michael Borras aka Systaime (France), Andrew Stys (UK) and myself. You can access the exhibition here...

Cassette Pet

From the 30th Anniversary album The Chain by The Implicit Order

The Chain by The Implicit Order

Teaser for the 30th Anniversary album The Chain by The Implicit Order...

Self Ish (soundtrack)

Soundtrack from the film Self Ish. You can watch it here...