12 months on...

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo

I realized the other day that it has been a year since I started this blog. What started out originally as wanting a web presence for my art and thinking that a blog might be marginally more interesting than a static image repository has transformed my whole way of thinking about art and how I want mine to be displayed. With a growing dissatisfaction with exhibiting in the physical world I have learned that there is new world out there of like minded people all pushing the boundaries of not only their own knowledge and skills, but also developing new relationships and interactions for audiences to experience.

So, from small beginnings with no expectations, over 9000 pageviews, 1000 profile views, 130 posts, 10 videos, 882 video views on the Internet Archives and the creation of the anonymous waves Netlabel what am I going to do to celebrate this evolutionary and revelatory year? By having an exhibition in a gallery...What! I kid you not...More on this soon...

PS Thought the photo a nice metaphor for what's going on in my life...

4 postcards from Bega

Now that the main holiday period has ended I thought I would do my bit to promote the advantages of off-peak travel to this beautiful part of the world. Don't be put off by the major development at the back of the private hotel. They don't work at night...just make sure you take a torch with you if you go to the bathroom. There are plenty of alleyways and discrete backs of buildings should you feel the need for a quick one. The town is wonderfully devoid of graffiti, and you won't be bothered by crowds at the many exclusive shopping areas...Bega awaits you!


This one differs from the previous mashups in that it is a meditative piece using my own footage, but again features the atmospheric soundscapes of emptywhale. It is also the first work to be featured on the new anonymous waves netlabel: http://archive.org/details/coasts

The netlabel is evolving into collaborative projects combining art, music, poetry et al by creators who believe in the altruistic if not subversive nature of working in the public domain, and who have the desire to learn, expand and develop creative pursuits and products that present a unique experience for not only themselves but the audience. More on this soon...and if you want to be involved contact us: surrealdada@gmail.com