Mark Chiles - Reverence For Life

Mark Chiles, Reverence For Life, 2013, Bronze, 45cm x 29cm x 10cm, $9000 AUD

Was pleased to see old mate Mark Chiles as a finalist in this years Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize. I suspect the origins of this work go back a while, maybe even to the hallowed corridors and lockers of the National Gallery of Victoria Art School, but Mark imbues all he touches with acute observation and sly humour, and of course the reverence not only for life, but form and ART!

The Nuptial Contract

Bob Georgeson, The Nuptial Contract, 200?, Photomontage

An early one that has never seen the light of day before. Was one of the precursors of 'The Brides of Christ' series when I was 'doing a job' on bridal couture magazines. I don't think it requires any further explanation...

Louise Brooks

It was love at first sight when I first encountered Louise in the bookshelves of the Dickson Library back around 1989. Like many I was at once intrigued and then captivated by this iconographic star, or, as the book that I discovered called her, an 'anti-star'. Her story has been well documented and there are numerous devotional sites out there, and I am not about to join their ranks. Search if you don't know the story. Louise remained a very erudite and beautiful woman, and a cat lover, into her later life.

I was fascinated coming across the documentary below of her time in Europe working with the great director G.W. Pabst. Titled 'Lulu in Berlin' it offers an animated and honest insight into the making of 'Pandora's Box' and subsequent films, as well as Berlin in the 20's...