Lumina Alley

Mini doco about last Saturday night at the Batemans Bay International Fringe Festival. Many thanks and much respect to Abre Ojos for the organisation and the opportunity to be part of this, and to Drew Belk for the vision to get the whole Festival thing happening. And huge thanks to the artists that provided their creations for Road to the Absolute, and to the fringe dwellers that came out on the night.

One morning on a train

A strange little journey through the countryside...

Road to the Absolute

Road to the Absolute is a program of surrealistic and experimental short films to be held in Lumina Alley at 7pm on Saturday 24th September 2016 as part of the Batemans Bay International Fringe Festival. The Program includes video artists ohmzutt (Australia), Nick Moore (Australia), Fabio Di Donato (Italy), Denitsa Dikova (Bulgaria), Glòria Ros (Spain) and anonymous waves aka Bob Georgeson (Australia) with associated soundworks by Hidden Tribe (St Petersburg), Ann Key (Netherlands), The Implicit Order (USA), Alina Stefan (Romania), Vadim Kiselev (Astrakhan), Calling Sister Midnight (USA) and the artists themselves. Curated by Bob Georgeson. More information about the Festival can be found here: