Five Points of a Circle: experimental films by Bob Georgeson

Bob Georgeson, waterflame (video still), 2018

OPENS this Thursday January 17 at 6pm! M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith, ACT. Exhibition runs 17 January - 3 February 2019. Here's the blurb and set list...

Experimental film maker Bob Georgeson presents a series of films that explore themes of memory, loneliness, alienation, mystery and disquiet. The films also reflect his 5 primary areas of exploration: Socio-political commentary, societal collapse and disintegration, chance encounters and collaboration, seeking the marvellous in the mundane and the impacts of new technologies on human interactions.

Bob lives and works from his studio at Wallaga Lake on the NSW far south coast. He has exhibited at exhibitions, festivals and events around the world including the UK, USA, Russia, France, Netherlands, Serbia, Syria, Taiwan and within Australia. He is a founding member and coordinator of dadaland collective, artist at SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum), featured artist at the Bega Valley Regional Gallery, member of Glitch Artists Collective, curator and artist at The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale and member of the Community of Practices Emerging (COPE) project in the Bega Valley. He primarily works on collaborative projects in the Creative Commons.

List of Works
  1. This We Are, 2018, Video and sound by Bob Georgeson. Spoken word by Amy Lohrman (USA).
  2. Burning Brooms, 2018, Video and sound by Bob Georgeson.
  3. detached, 2016, Video and sound by Bob Georgeson, Spoken word by Alina Stefan (Romania).
  4. Make It Stop, 2016, Video by Bob Georgeson, Sound by Calling Sister Midnight (USA).
  5. Morana, 2018, Video by Bob Georgeson and Milica Raicevic (Serbia), Sound by Jack Hertz (USA).
  6. Quacking Up, 2017, Video by Bob Georgeson, Sound by another cultural landslide (USA).
  7. The Last of the Gardens, 2016, Video by Bob Georgeson, Sound by De Grot (Netherlands), Spoken word by Griet Menschaert (Netherlands).
  8. The Silicon Smile, 2018, Video and sound by Bob Georgeson.
  9. The Summering, 2018, Video by Bob Georgeson, Sound by Tagirijus (Germany).
  10. This is not an intersection, 2017, Video by Bob Georgeson, Sound by The Implicit Order (USA).
  11. waterflame, 2018, Video and sound by Bob Georgeson.
Total Running Time: 23m 44s

Liquid Electric Dance

Dance: Alison Plevey & Gabriela Green Olea. Music: BoomBox. Video: Bob Georgeson from original footage shot by Martin Ollman. This video is supported by CREATE NSW, with special thanks to fLiNG Physical Theatre and QL2 Dance.