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Weird Shit


anonymous waves White Page Gallery is proud to present Weird Shit featuring works by Camelia Mirescu and Claudio Ferrari (Italy), Orlando Mee (Narungga land), Nina Sobell (USA), Persephone (Mexico), Jeremy Hight (USA), SueKi Yee (Malaysia), Ana Cordeiro Reis aka cernozem aka fierling (Portugal/UK), Domenico Barra (Italy), Mati Pirsztuk (Argentina), Methas Chantawongs (Thailand), Lucas Rebelo (Brazil) and Francesca Bonci (Italy). Runs May 23 to June 30 2021. Image: Still from Eternal by SueKi Yee. View the exhibition here:

Pure Abstract FTP

An absolute honour to be invited to participate in the Pure Abstract FTP exhibition. Curated by DC Spensley this show takes place in a full virtual environment, including experimental sounds, online chat and lots of striking images inspired in part by the Free The Pixels Group on Facebook which has over 16,000 members dedicated to sharing and re-imagining pixels. Check it out here:



Return of the GIF!

Castell Lanko Sensory Deprivation 2

anonymous waves White Page Gallery is proud to present Return of the GIF! Featuring works by: sandra araújo, Castell Lanko, Methas Chantawongs, Nicole Kouts, Persefone, Lucas Rebelo, Domenico Barra, Systaime, Jack Williams, Francesco Seren Rosso, Nina Sobell, Domokos Váncsa, Vincent Egon Verschueren, Sonia E Barrett, Camelia Mirescu, Veronica Laminarca, omant, Andrea Roccioletti and Bob Georgeson. Visit exhibition here...

the node to nowhere

the node to nowhere was a collaborative node of the biennale NO, an art event that may or may not have taken place during November and December 2020. The biennale NO was organised by pioneers and revolved around use of the hashtag #biennaleNO. the node to nowhere was hosted by the anonymous waves White Page Gallery and took the form of a Google Drive doc that was publicly avaialable for anyone to contribute to. This book is the result. You can read online or download the PDF at the Internet Archive here...

Unseen: recent works by Bob Georgeson

This solo exhibition was first shown at the OhmZutt Gallery in November/December 2020
Design for a new city
Suburban life
Pathway to a new language #1
Binary hex tape
Pathway to a new language #2
meme Traveller
The view above
Shinju dream
Looking over me

 Interference #2

View from the 15th floor
A good flower
Under the skin
The Kiss
From the book alone
Petit Mort
Cairo Dreams

Recent graphics

At the optometrists

It was in the underground car park when it happened...

Bega Commemorative Centre (ghost of Tony Allen)


Collaboration with Denitsa Dikova

Perfect Users meet dadaland collective:

Process One