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MRWN - the art of Marwen Ben Cheikh

anonymous waves White Page Gallery proudly presents MRWN - the art of Marwen Ben Cheikh. This Special Event takes place for just 5 days from March 8th to 12th, and features recent film and sound work by this unique Tunisian artist. The exhibition will also feature 2 live ZOOM sessions with MRWN and his collaborators beaming in from Mali, Tunisia and Australia. Still from MOVE_ featuring the dancer Wael Marghni. The exhibition will be viewable here...

The Skin of Darkness


Collaboration with Denitsa Dikova

Perfect Users meet dadaland collective:

Process One


The anonymous waves White Page Gallery is proud to present its inaugural exhibition #monalisa – a film by Jennifer Anderson and Vernon Lott (USA). Shot in slow motion over 3 days at the Louvre in Paris, and then edited down from 40 to 11 hours (the film makers had originally conceived a much shorter documentary but were so fascinated by the footage they left many of the takes intact), the film is an extraordinary document of our times. We are very excited to partner with Jennifer and Vernon to bring you this world premiere!

Jennifer Anderson and Vernon Lott's new experimental nonfiction film, “#monalisa,” immerses viewers in the pre-COVID-19 museum experience.

Each year, approximately ten million people visit the Louvre, and according to Henri Loyrette, the Louvre's former director, “eighty percent of the people only want to see the Mona Lisa.” But how many people actually look at the famous painting? Or do they just take a selfie? Filmed on a GoPro consumer camera, "#monalisa" is an interrogation of the relationship between art and technology.

Additionally, in a world where our attention spans are waning (a 2013 study conducted by Microsoft found that the average person's attention span was 8 seconds--one second less than that of a goldfish), "#monalisa" invites viewers to slow down and observe; to this end, the film was shot entirely in slow motion and the filmmakers kept the editing to a minimum--the longest shot is 45 minutes. As a result, the film turns visitors to the Louvre into works of art themselves. The film is a contemplation of human behavior and a meditation on looking.

"#monalisa" features cinematography by Nandan Rao and a wall-to-wall score by Peter Broderick and David Allred. At eleven hours, "#monalisa" might be the nineteenth longest experimental film ever made, and the score the second longest musical composition ever released. It's not necessarily meant to be watched from beginning to end. Viewers can click around on the link and watch it in any order.

West Cape

Selected for One Minute Volume 10 curated by Kerry Baldry 2020

Press Refresh

Very excited to be included in the Press Refresh exhibition as part of The Wrong Biennale 2019/2020! The exhibition is online here and physically at The Wrong Epicentre @ Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània CCCC in Valencia in Spain. Curator David Quiles Guillo informs me that the exhibition will continue beyond the extent of The Wrong #4. My work featured is the video/sound piece 'Interference"

Night Watch

Honoured to have a collaborative sound piece included in The Implicit Orders "The Chain" Volume Two album which along with Volume One summarises/celebrates his 30 years in the business of experimental sound compositions spanning a staggering total of 57 albums. You can find the full discography here

The Last Broadcast

This film was specifically designed to be viewed on a mobile phone. Originally developed for the offline WiFi router project as part of The Wrong Biennale 2019-2020. Feel free to download to your device.

Selected for /’f̈́u:bar/ Glitch͜ A᷈rt Festival 2019.