Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Poem for Peter

We talk of God,
of the Way you had lost
and found again.
I do not believe
but I say a prayer.

We talk of angels,
Sara, Josie, Ruby, Matt
At the gates of hell
They watch over you
Never judging the sins of the past.

We talk of family.
She says he's like his father,
He says I'm like my mother.
Between them we sit.
The parents we rarely had.

We talk of the sea,
In all of us the ocean.
Breaks, wipeouts, waves
erasing memories,
The causes of our emotion.

When you visit a dying man
Do you say hello or goodbye?
These are precious moments,
I say hello
and we talk.

Reality check?

Will you still love me? July 25th 2014

"But in any case why do you regard it as so important to be talked about by people who have not yet been born? After all, you were never spoken of by all the multitudes who lived before you - and they were every bit as numerous, and were better men." Cicero The Dream of Scipio.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Return to Reason

This mashup (like the title suggests) is a return to some of my favourite themes, and working again with the soundscapes of one of my favourite musicians (emptywhale), who I blame entirely for the development of my cinematic 'style'. The themes of eroticism, passion, death, decay, disintegration, decline and disorder combine in a (humble) homage to Man Ray...

The delightfully dulcet soundscape is From A Clear Sky taken from emptywhale's third album Some Hollow Lullabies. You can download it here...

The HD MPEG movie file on the Internet Archive can be downloaded here...

You can see all of my videos here...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Projection experiment #2

Projection experiment #1

With the recent collaboration between Griet, Denitsa and myself and the new multidimensional art space in Bega fresh in my mind it has been timely to be able to experiment for a few hours with a borrowed data projector. The experiments revolved around departing from the static single projection on to a screen to exploring uneven surfaces, back projection and transparent 'curtains'. A long way to go yet, but it's a start...

 Seeing how long one can hold one arm up before collapsing in pain!

Giving the neighbours a show. They all think we are strange anyway...

The star in these three pics is Pinot, the cat. Singularly unimpressed with the human's feeble attempt at creativity...

...and special thanks to Joy for helping out.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The definition of flat

The Hay Plain is one of the largest flat areas on earth. When you stop the car and get out to have a look you realise that your head is the highest point around for as far as you can see. Spatially it is challenging. Distances and the size of objects become immeasurable, there is a stillness where you can hear your own heartbeat. A place where you realise how insignificant you are whether you like it or not...

And people have an awful down
Upon the district and the town -
Which worse than hell itself they call;
In fact, the saying far and wide
Along the Riverina side
Is ‘Hay and Hell and Booligal.’

Banjo Patterson

Special thanks to Joy Georgeson for the footage shot between Hay and West Wyalong. Joy's website can be found here...