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Perfect Users 2019: The PopGen Project - Make the machine do the work!

PopGen is a term that refers to population-based recruitment of patients and controls for the analysis of complex genotype-phenotype relationships in the medical research field. This art project paraphrases the term into a populous aggregation of images relating to art and culture that examines how humans interpret complex visual information when juxtaposed with visual cliches relating to popular culture and technological change. It uses the juxtaposition of seemingly random or opposing imagery to create a new reality.

The base images are initially created with net.art generator (NAG), a computer program which collects and recombines images from the Internet to create a new image based on search terms. These are then assembled into metamontages in Photoshop. Clip art images with transparent backgrounds are sourced from Pngimg.com, a free Creative Commons library and then overlayed into the finished piece.

Bob Georgeson September 2019

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