Sunday, 31 March 2013

The complete set of videos on the Internet Archive

Here is a link to all the mashups from the past few months, several featuring the collaborative work with the brilliant emptywhale. Bookmark if you wish...


Bob Georgeson, Realization, 2011, Photomontage

Now really, you weren't expecting a female Pieta with lesbian overtones were you? No, this subject's far too serious for a cheap shot at the church. Forget the resurrection and join me in a loud guttural primal roar at the stupidity of mankind...we really are slow learners. Easter Sunday 2013...

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Gabriella Cigana

Dropped in to the Raglan Gallery in Cooma on the way westward recently to see the 'Monaro Art Express' show by senior secondary school students from the region. There is always an element of freshness and originality in these shows where creative freedom is given reign without the fetters of too much knowledge or the corruption of a tertiary art school influence. Many budding young artists bode well for the future of the arts despite the best efforts of the present government to destroy them. Standout was the photography of Gabriella Cigana whose four works encompassed so much of the pain of growing into adulthood. Inspiring stuff...

Friday, 29 March 2013


Bob Georgeson, Magdalena, 2013, Photomontage

Can't wait for the Resurrection! And after around 3000 kilometers I am back in the studio...all I can say is "Jesus! It's a big country..."

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Steven Wilson 'Luminol'

As I will be on the road for the next few weeks and posts are unlikely here's one to keep you entertained if not amazed. Far more interesting than my usual self indulgent drivel...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Moroccan Tape Stash

Came across this one thanks to UbuWeb: and a nice break from the intensity of the last few weeks...Great stuff! Enjoy...

Now what?

Bermagui harbour

All over bar the shouting now. The gallery is empty after a big week with around 650 visitors coming through, most of them positive and engaged by the work. And some great conversations and discussion and possibilities for future collaboration. I managed to stumble my way through the floor talk without making too much of a fool of myself. I shall miss the interaction of being part of the wharf community. But it is time to get the new project up and running, well, after a short break anyway. Actually short is not exactly the right word, after all driving a couple of thousand kilometers halfway across Australia to visit relatives is hardly 'short'. Brief break might be a better choice of words...

The Sculpture on the Edge event closed with the fire sculpture picnic on the headland, and what a great night of camaraderie between the artists and the public. Sculptures made by local school children were ritually torched, and the main piece by Chris Polglaze was spectacular. Using green bamboo as a frame the sculpture went off with loud bangs as the enclosed air pockets exploded like fire crackers as the sections burned. I feel privileged to live in such a creative and vibrant community, not to mention bloody beautiful as well.

The kid's sculptures go up

Chris Polglaze, Pyrotechnic sculptor and all round nice guy

 Up she goes! 160 explosions!

So, what next? anonymous waves website is the first priority. And then continuing with the collaborative collusion. Eventually I would like to start bringing the work out of the virtual environment and back into public spaces, so light projections and multi-media events are the new challenges. After a few sales I can invest in a HD camcorder and start shooting some of my own footage. Generally I feel enervated and encouraged by the exercise. After a long and difficult period of self doubt and frustration, I now know that there are a few people out there who not only like my art, but understand it as them I say thank you...

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lot and his daughters

Bob Georgeson, Lot and his daughters, 2010, Photomontage

One from the current show that sold today! Yay! Halfway to getting a HD camcorder I hope? And an interesting day with a lovely, and very pious lady who has had more than her fair share of troubles with a sick husband and two mentally ill sons in tears over my 'And all this shall be yours...'

We had a long and very fruitful conversation about what I was trying to achieve and her 'faith' and the strength it gave her as an individual in what is a very difficult situation. A little moment where the love of humanity overshadowed differences of opinion. Honoured, then humbled...

Sitting on the dock...

The view from the gallery door

I am sure there must be other galleries in the world that look over working fishing ports, but for me it has been a unique experience for another reason. It is the first time I have had to man my own show, so represents an opportunity to interact with the public that has previously been denied. But first back to the wharf. A glorious autumn morning, the sun shimmering off a quiet Tasman Sea, cormorants and pelicans wait for boats to return in the hope of getting some tasty fish frames. A few people mill around the cafes, but generally it is quiet compared to the bustle of last weekend. Workers maintain a launch, fishermen check a net for wear, sandblasting can be heard in the distance from the shipwrights yard as a trawler is repainted and repaired.

And in the gallery the soundtracks from the looped videos play on. I have featured The Lunar Machine, Eye Candy, That Grey Place We Go and Sunk. With a total playtime of 15:50 and me sitting in the gallery around 6 hours a day that means I have listened over 100 times in the time the show has been on! And still another 5 days to go...fortunately Erik Satie, emptywhale and w.out are very listenable.

Response has generally been positive. Comments about the show being different from the usual spotted gums and coastal landscapes are frequent, as well as the topical papal succession and the issue of child abuse in the church. Most people laugh or are amused by the erotic/religious juxtapositions. A few walk out fairly quickly. One woman yesterday, without going into details made it known that she had personal experience of abuse in the church. I hope I do not trivialise the issue with my little surrealistic jokes. But the highlight so far has been the enthusiasm of Graham from the fish shop downstairs. Here is a man who has spent his whole life cleaning fish and who has little knowledge of art waxing lyrically that it is the best thing he has ever seen and insisting on bringing the other staff up to see it. Makes it all worthwhile...  

Saturday, 2 March 2013