Prelude (to a dream)

Bob Georgeson, Prelude, 2013, Photomontage

Now if you were to seriously ask me what the dream was about I would have to say "You must be joking!"

The Hand of Isis

Bob Georgeson, The Hand of Isis, 2009, Photomontage

The Origins of Life

Video mashup where contemporary dance meets the denizens of the deep in a visual poem about creativity and the emergence of life in the sea, and the womb...

You can download the files here...

Little pictures

Bob Georgeson, Untitled Mini Series, 2005?, Photomontage

These earlier ones were done in reaction to a curator telling me I should work 'big'. My (very predictable) response was to go in the other direction. Not quite postage stamp size, but you get the general idea...

Patently pumping

Baron Adolph de Meyer, Fashion picture, Date ?, Photograph

One of the Baron's lesser known pics. Nice shoes, nice stockings, nice length on the outfit, nice pose, nice chair, nice parquetry floor, just nice...

Frequency hopping

You can watch an interview with Elyse Singer, writer and director of 'Frequency Hopping' here...

The Apocalyptic Apostle

Bob Georgeson, The Apocalyptic Apostle, 2013, Photograph