The Rock

The first part of an immersive environment concept for a planned exhibition of sculpture, video, sound and documentation by Bob & Joy Georgeson. The footage was taken at Camel Rock near Bermagui, Far South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. The rocks are 450 million years old. The Great Cormorants are the totems of this special place.


Bob Georgeson, JOBS & GROWTH!, 2016, Photomontage

Portrait of George Brandis

Bob Georgeson, Portrait of George Brandis, 2016, Photomontage

Justice not Silence

Bob Georgeson, Justice not Silence, Photomontage, 2016

This graphic has been done for the exhibition 'Your Voice' to be held in As Suwayda, Syria, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th 2016. The exhibition is organized by UMA, an NGO supporting women. A little of the background...

A little bit of freedom
‘Under the regime of Assad this kind of activities was impossible. Now some militia groups are in control of As Suwayda side by side with the Assad regime, so there is a little bit of freedom. The police asked for the nature of this organization and they allow it,’ explains Aktham Abu Fakher, who fled Syria in 2014 because of his activities in human rights. Akthams wife, Amany Abu Daqa, organizes this exhibition on women rights. She started UMA some years ago together with some friends. All still live in As Suwayda. Akhtam doesn’t. Currently he lives in Willemstad, Curaҫao.

More information about the exhibition can be found here

It is an honour to be taking part in this exhibition in a place where humanity has been forsaken...

The Future

Bob Georgeson, The Future, 2016, Photomontage

Bob Georgeson, The Future (in situ), 2016, Photomontage

Portrait of a human drawn by a robot

Bob Georgeson, Portrait of a human drawn by a robot, 2016, Photomedia


Deconceptualising Mike Parr. A video collage from his retrospective at the National Gallery of Australia. What started out as a 'what's the point' parrody (sic) ended up being a blues. Excerpt from Dark Was The Night by Blind Willie Johnson.

Lumina Alley

Mini doco about last Saturday night at the Batemans Bay International Fringe Festival. Many thanks and much respect to Abre Ojos for the organisation and the opportunity to be part of this, and to Drew Belk for the vision to get the whole Festival thing happening. And huge thanks to the artists that provided their creations for Road to the Absolute, and to the fringe dwellers that came out on the night.

One morning on a train

A strange little journey through the countryside...

Road to the Absolute

Road to the Absolute is a program of surrealistic and experimental short films to be held in Lumina Alley at 7pm on Saturday 24th September 2016 as part of the Batemans Bay International Fringe Festival. The Program includes video artists ohmzutt (Australia), Nick Moore (Australia), Fabio Di Donato (Italy), Denitsa Dikova (Bulgaria), Glòria Ros (Spain) and anonymous waves aka Bob Georgeson (Australia) with associated soundworks by Hidden Tribe (St Petersburg), Ann Key (Netherlands), The Implicit Order (USA), Alina Stefan (Romania), Vadim Kiselev (Astrakhan), Calling Sister Midnight (USA) and the artists themselves. Curated by Bob Georgeson. More information about the Festival can be found here:


Music by Hidden Tribe

Self Portrait August 2016

Bob Georgeson, Self Portrait August 2016, Photomontage

Dark Clouds Hang Above The Birds

A collaboration with Ann Key, musicologist, freestyle artist, poet and experimental music composer...

The Provocative Machinery of Love

A tribute to Francis Picabia who, in a torrent of invective gave me the name anonymous waves...


The first in a series inspired by the work of John Smith...

Four postcards from the Monaro

The stark beauty of the Monaro High Plains in winter...

Walk Alone

The second video done for Hidden Tribe

Flying Underground

Video made for Hidden Tribe. A mysterious journey through the centre of the earth from South Eastern Australia to the jungles of St Petersburg...

LonDADA June 23rd 2016 Cinema Museum London

June 23, 2016
Doors 6pm / Event from 6:30pm / Tickets £15
Tickets available now at
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Venue: The Cinema Museum
2 Dugard Way
(off Renfrew Road)
SE11 4TH

Box Office: +44 (0)20 7840 2200

east street

A short film about hopelessness, despair, alienation and youth suicide and how our environment affects our well-being. Made in Bega, New South Wales, Australia.

Improvisation: Jamie Forbes
Video: Bob Georgeson
Sound: Calling Sister Midnight

a VERY early self-portrait (date unknown)

Bob Georgeson, Self-Portrait, c.70's?, Photomontage

LonDADA – Celebrating 100 Years Of Dadaism

LonDADA is the world’s first dedicated Dada festival, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Dadaism at the historic Cinema Museum in London. Join us for an evening of live performance, music, film, a video poetry recital by Brian Blessed and a programme of experimental, surreal and Dadaist shorts by Helmut Herbst, Francis Thompson, John Smith and Bob Georgeson.

On June 23rd 1916, German poet Hugo Ball performed his poem “Karawane” at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich and the Dada movement was born. Over the past century, Dadaism has influenced every conceivable art form, from graphic design to punk rock. Leave your expectations at the door and celebrate the Dada centenary in style at London’s historic Cinema Museum, built in a former workhouse where Charlie Chaplin was sent as a boy.


  • A video performance of Karawane by Brian Blessed, actor, adventurer, raconteur and all-round legend
  • Hans Richter’s seminal 1928 short film Ghosts Before Breakfast, with a new score composed and performed live by Austrian musician Vinzenz Stergin
  • Slapstick & Slaughter, a Dadaist theatrical performance by the amazing duo Desperate Men
  • Germany DADA: An Alphabet of German Dadaism, a 1968 documentary about Dadaism by Helmut Herbst
  • Spam Slam, an audience participation poetry slam using spam emails (bring your own or use ours)
  • Short films by award-winning British artist John Smith, experimental German director Helmut Herbst, American pioneer of cinema Francis Thompson and Australian Dadaist Bob Georgeson.
  • The musical stylings of David Goo, frontman of The 150 Friends Club.
  • A whole host of hidden surprises, waiting to be discovered by your eyeballs!

June 23, 2016
Doors 6pm / Event from 6:30pm / Tickets £15
Tickets available now at
Follow the Twitter:
Like the Facebook:
Check out the Tumblr:

Venue: The Cinema Museum
2 Dugard Way
(off Renfrew Road)
SE11 4TH

Box Office: +44 (0)20 7840 2200


Teaser for LonDADA, the International Dada Festival to celebrate 100 years since Hugo Ball performed Karawane at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich and the beginnings of the Dada protest. The Festival will be held at The Cinema Museum in London on 23 June 2016.

The Isle of Lost Dreams #2

Bob Georgeson, The Isle of Lost Dreams #2, 2016, Photomontage

Self-portrait as Signage

Bob Georgeson, Self-portrait as Signage, 2016, Photomontage

Left Field

Bob Georgeson, Left Field, 2016, Photomontage

The Magus #2

Series of stills from a 1 minute video loop no sound projected on a vertical monitor