The Secret Of Your Voice

Contribution to We Invented Nothing - a film by Julija Paskeviciute and Lisa Kovalenko. Bierumer Art Movie Festival, Netherlands 2017/18.

Storm Lamp

Bob Georgeson, Storm Lamp, 2017, Photomontage

Surf Dreams


Bob Georgeson, Intervention, 2017, Photography

Fuel shortage

Bob Georgeson, Fuel shortage, Photomontage, 2017

anonymous waves

Bob Georgeson, anonymous waves, Photography, 2017

Postcard from Poona

Bob Georgeson, Postcard from Poona, Photography, 2017

Looking across the Ramsar listed Great Sandy Straight at the morning fog lifting off Fraser Island...

Postcard from Gunnedah

Bob Georgeson, Postcard from Gunnedah, Photography, 2017

Gunnedah Oval with the behemoth of Coles in the background. Architectural crime...