Dark Star

Bob Georgeson, Dark Star, 2018, Photomedia

Enter at own risk...

Bob Georgeson, Enter at own risk..., 2018, Photomedia

Des fragments

Made in response to what is happening in France with the yellow vests protests. Special thanks to Michaël Systaime Borras for his help with interpreting the French. Soundtrack by Yan Terrien. Images courtesy Mouvement des gilets jaunes...

Orange Agent

Five Points of a Circle

You are invited to my exhibition Five Points of a Circle to be held at M16 Artspace in Canberra from 17 January - 3 February 2019. I will be showing 5 films that explore the themes of memory, loneliness, alienation, mystery and disquiet. The films also reflect my 5 primary areas of exploration: Socio-political commentary, the intersection of reality and desire, chance encounters and collaboration, seeking the marvellous in the mundane and the impacts of new technologies on human interactions. The opening will be on Thursday 17 January at 6pm. I will be giving a floor talk on Thursday 31 January between 1-2pm (tbc). I will also be in attendance at the Gallery on the weekend of 26/27th January. M16 Artspace is at 21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith, ACT. Opening hours are Wednesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm. The exhibition is funded as part of the M16 Artspace Regional Initiative. Hope to see you there...

Grey Glitch #1

Glitch version of Grey Abstraction...

Grey Abstraction


Cormorant Dance

This video is the result of the third visit to Camel Rock on Monday November 12th 2018. Performance by Gabriela Green Olea...

Third Visit November 12th 2018 (stills)

Pics from yesterday's session at Camel Rock with the incredible Gabriela Green Olea! Video to come soon...


Bob Georgeson, Hydropink, 2018, Photomedia

Tweed drive by

we don't care


Bob Georgeson, Error, 2018, Photomedia

The Pointless Gate

Bob Georgeson, The Pointless Gate, 2018, Photography

Kim Novaglitch

Bob Georgeson, Kim Novaglitch, 2018, Photomedia

Hollywood glitch series prototype

Bob Georgeson, Hollywood glitch series prototype, 2018, Photomedia


dadaland awaits...

Bob Georgeson, dadaland awaits, Photomedia, 2018

In the ruins of our collective memories a transparent egg awaits...

'we are here' at the Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Very pleased that my film "we are here (hyaena fierling remix)" has been selected for Experimental Video to be shown at the Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania from Oct 1st to Nov 9th 2018....

Art Wank

This one started off as a pic taken of text in a wanky art magazine. The more I tried to read, let alone understand what it meant, the more it kept going around in circles until finally disintegrating into another context all together...

The Summering animated GIF

Stills from the film The Summering https://vimeo.com/288296215

Batemans Bay drive past shooting

The Summering

A threshold poem of sorts...

we are here (hyaena fierling remix)

Remix of the soundtrack to an earlier video 'we are here'. A bit more 'glitchy' and 'noise'. Selected for Experimental Video shown at the Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania October/November 2018.

SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum)

Absolutely stoked out of my tiny little mind to be included in SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum). For me this represents one of the biggest, if not the biggest achievement of my creative journey. As one who has for most of the time sat on the margins and felt like an outsider in the mainstream art world, it's nice to feel like I finally belong somewhere. Check out some incredible art by artists working in the digital field! Enter SPAMM here...

Videodrome 2 Collection as part of VIDÉOTHÈQUE Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France, 2018

Very pleased that my film Morana (a collaboration with Milica Raičević) has been included in the Videodrome 2 Collection as part of VIDÉOTHÈQUE Images Contre Nature 2018 in Marseille in France. It has got to be the cutest little theatre ever!


Very pleased to have my film and poem 'detached' included as part of the dadabloge event staged by the mobius group in Boston https://dadabloge.blogspot.com/2018/06/blog-post_24.html
'detached' began as a cut-up poem in English which was then translated into Romanian and read by Romanian dancer and artist Alina Stefan. As the dadabloge event is a tribute to dada founder Tristan Tzara (known to his friends as 'the little Romanian') it makes a nice connection...and special thanks to Tim Tsang for the loop through to the artists at mobius!

critical engagement

least obviously
intricate web
geometric poem
insistently intervenes

a demarcation
stake out
sacred discourses
strings plucked
within the fabric

texture may
virtually any shape

deepest recesses
whose claustrophobic
is something of an unquiet soul

it will always find ways to return

dadaland collective:

dadaland collective:

is a proposal for the next iteration of The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale to be called The Wrong (nova) scheduled for November/December 2019 and January 2020. The Wrong Board and Council is yet to hand down guidelines and timelines (this is expected late 2018), but from previous nova events organised by The Wrong's founder David Quiles Guilló we might assume that they include this: “An interactive, full-environmental experience inside museums and cultural institutions, utilizing color, light, textures, music and design, in the form of collaborative and integrated art compositions and performances by a selected range of artists from around the world. Each time NOVA happens, it happens in a different shape and form, but always respecting its three key features: to reveal the work in progress, to generate all work in collaboration between the artists participating and to always make it live.”

dadaland collective:

takes as it's point of departure Hugo Ball's description of Cabaret Voltaire: “Everyone has been seized by an indefinable intoxication. The small cabaret is about to come apart at the seams and is going to be a playground for crazy emotions.”

If you would like to be part of dadaland collective: please write to surrealdada@gmail.com


Bob Georgeson, THERE'S NOTHING I WANT, 2018, Photomedia

Red Slash

Bob Georgeson, Red Slash, 2018, Mixed media

Staff Only

Bob Georgeson, Staff Only, 2018, Photomedia

Postcard from Wilcannia

Bob Georgeson, Wilcannia, 2018, Photomedia

Scenes from TYPOMANIA International Festival 2018

As one who was a graphic designer in a past life typography to me is the greatest of all design disciplines. From the clinical precision of Univers to the quiet elegance of Candara it's all about how we communicate. An honour to be part of this event...

TYPOMANIA International Festival 2018

Very excited that my film The Clouds Move Slowly will be shown at the Museum of Moscow on May 30th as part of the TYPOMANIA International Festival 2018 typomania.ru/eng.html.

You can preview the film here: https://vimeo.com/261063098

Second Visit April 9th 2018

From the second exploration about the development of a video/performance work. With Gabriela Green Olea (dancer and social artist), Joy Georgeson (sculptor) and Bob Georgeson (video artist). Camel Rock, South Eastern Australia, Monday April 9th 2018. Music by Viktor Sethy...

Cassette Pet

From the 30th Anniversary album The Chain by The Implicit Order

The Chain by The Implicit Order

Teaser for the 30th Anniversary album The Chain by The Implicit Order...

I just wanted to say... (automatic poem)

I just wanted to say...
I love you
Im eternal....
Hey thanks
in all my life, in all your life, thoughts just fly away, brittle winds throw up your thoughts, nothing left to say
there is room for one more inside
I hope you have a great day!
Many of these things are
that even thought the nature of existence is the one of suffering, we are all in this together.
you were right but it doesn't change the fact that we're about to die. i'm sorry i couldn't give _____ back to you. don't forgive me. let me die with the guilt proferred, weightless and glimmering, zeroes and ones, an echo in the sound.
humanity is great and awful and i want to hug and kill everyone
Geopoliticus Face Alienated
That knowing the time of day...
fuck the unluck of good ppl
Listen learn and try to understand and call out hypocrisy whenever you can
Nothing worse than trumped up monkeys who think they are special
This salmon scanned at ten dollars, but it says nine ninety nine on the shelf

This poem was written by you, or someone, or somebody. It started with a publicly available Google Form promoted through this site and social media. The idea being that you could contribute to an automatic poem. The contributions were completely anonymous. I don't know who wrote what or what country they came from or whether it was many people or just one. Some people have obviously tried to contribute in the spirit of the experiment. Others, well you wonder why they bother. I had an interesting discussion with a software developer a few weeks back who coined the term 'crowd sourced art', which I like as a concept. His experience of such things were that given the chance people were more likely to draw a moustache on a face than use the opportunity to participate in collective creativity. So this is it, without edits or embellishment. There is some beautiful and thoughtful writing which moves me. Great poetry? I think perhaps not. But then, maybe my preconceptions have to adjust to the reality of what now exists. So, I just wanted to say...

Self Ish (soundtrack)

Soundtrack from the film Self Ish. You can watch it here...

Featured artist on Bega Valley Regional Gallery website

I am very pleased to be a featured artist on the Bega Valley Regional Gallery website. You can check it out here...

Medication animated GIF

Made from stills from my 100th experimental film Do Not Suddenly Stop Taking Your Medication

The Clouds Move Slowly

Shown at the Museum of Moscow on May 30th 2018 as part of the TYPOMANIA International Festival 2018...

we're being invaded

Produced for the exhibition "SPAMM FUTURE ft. Perfect Users" as part of SPAMM (spamm.fr) and the Perfect Users Collective (facebook.com/groups/perfectusers). The theme was: Your Vision About Spam Messages In The Future...


Screen dump of the ARTSPAM #1 email sent out to as many addresses as I could find and the reply to those who responded:

Dear spammed one,

Thank you for your patience while I experiment with art. I have been increasingly interested in the use of technology to not only distribute art but engage audiences interactively with process. Your acknowledgement is very much appreciated. Please feel free to forward on the email to anyone. For the technically minded they are animated GIF files made from stills from my film 'we are here'...

Best wishes...SpamBob

First Visit March 5th 2018

Documentation of the first discussion about the development of a video/performance work. With Gabriela Green Olea (dancer and social artist), Joy Georgeson (sculptor) and Bob Georgeson (video artist). Camel Rock, South Eastern Australia, Monday March 5th 2018.

Coda animated GIF

Made from stills from the film Coda...

Wait For Me animated GIF

Made from stills from the film Wait For Me...

We Walk This Path

The path through life to our ultimate destination...

I just wanted to say...

Please write your response. It will be assembled into an automatic poem. All replies are anonymous...


Morana is an ancient goddess associated with winter's death and rebirth and dreams. A collaboration with Milica Raičević. Her website is here...

Co-Meta Remix Artists Collective Newsletter #13

Pleased to be a featured artist in this publication. You can view it here...

Perfect Users lips...Perfect Users eyes

The Perfect Users are a group of artists on Facebook that came together as part of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale 2017/18


Well...sort of...

One Minute Artists Moving Image Festival North Wales

My film 'This We Are' has been selected for the One Minute Artists Moving Image Festival and will be shown as part of Programme 1 at BALACLAFA CARN, Balaclava Road LL55 1TG Caernarfon, North Wales on Saturday 24th 11am - 5pm and Sunday 25th Feb 11am - 4 pm. More information about the Festival here...

Hydramatic animated GIF

Stills from the film Hydramatic...

Prosthetic Pavilion - video montage

Video by Darko Vukic, curator of the Prosthetic Pavilion, The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale 2017/18

Subvert the dominant paradigm (and build a better world while you're at it)

Graphic by David Quiles Guillo
Today is the last day of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale Version 3 and what a buzz it has been! I am absolutely stoked to have been a small part of it, not just because it is the largest art event in world history, not just because it challenges notions of what art is and where it should be seen, not just because it is inclusive where unknowns like myself can rub shoulders with established practitioners and everyone in between, and certainly not because it is a trendy thing to do. It might be tempting to see The Wrong as simply about technology, and sure much of the art either refers to it or uses it as the preferred method of delivery, but there is an underlying humanity that pervades the Pavilions and Embassies where artists have melded science and creativity to comment on the direction of our society and the threats to our freedom of thought and expression. In doing so The Wrong is more about community, and the experience for those not only involved as participants but as audience has enabled people to reach out across a troubled world and feel like they are part of something not only special, but important. The event is also somewhat political. It hovers over the traditional power structures within the art world, not in an attempt to replace them but pointing out in some cases how anachronistic they have become, and to offer an alternative to those people who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to become engaged. The Wrong is not a pointer to the future. It is the art of NOW. To David Quiles Guillo and his crew for setting the whole thing up and Sava Zolog and his for the Prosthetic Pavilion I dips me lid. And, I can't wait for the next one!