the node to nowhere

You are invited to participate in the node to nowhere: a collaborative node of the biennale.NO

biennale.NO is a contemporary art biennale that doesn't take place, with works that don't exist.
It is structured as a decentralized network of collaborative nodes, projects and works. It has been created by noemata and can be viewed at We recommend that you read the background notes.

The theme for 2020 is: the unbearable lightness of internet

The biennale runs from November 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021

the node to nowhere takes the form of a Google Drive document in which you can add anything you like. It can be images, words, ideas, animated GIFs, maps diagrams, poems, instructions, etc. PLEASE do NOT post links. There is no control or curation of the material. We only ask that you add your contribution at the end of the document and don't alter or delete another persons work. Otherwise there are no wrong turns or decisions: the destination always remains the same. You can access the document here:

the node to nowhere is hosted by the anonymous waves White Page Gallery. It can be viewed at starting November 1st 2020

The only prerequisite for involvement in the 'event' is that any reference you make to the biennale on your social media and/or websites be accompanied by the hashtag #biennaleNO or a backlink to

the node to nowhere will eventually be published as a PDF

Contact: Bob Georgeson at