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I am very pleased to have one of my experimental sound works included in the album BLESSED/CURSED by Glitch Artists Collective. The album was conceived and compiled by Nicholas Davis from NMT Arts from contributions from the digitally deranged souls who inhabit the murky depths of Dawnia Darkstone's Letsglitchit Discord server.

Weird Shit


anonymous waves White Page Gallery is proud to present Weird Shit featuring works by Camelia Mirescu and Claudio Ferrari (Italy), Orlando Mee (Narungga land), Nina Sobell (USA), Persephone (Mexico), Jeremy Hight (USA), SueKi Yee (Malaysia), Ana Cordeiro Reis aka cernozem aka fierling (Portugal/UK), Domenico Barra (Italy), Mati Pirsztuk (Argentina), Methas Chantawongs (Thailand), Lucas Rebelo (Brazil) and Francesca Bonci (Italy). Runs May 23 to June 30 2021. Image: Still from Eternal by SueKi Yee. View the exhibition here:

Weird Shit

OPEN CALL: Weird Shit. anonymous waves White Page Gallery invites works in any medium that can be displayed on a webpage. Please note that video and sound works must be published as public files on YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Subject: weird. This goes beyond simply unusual. Submissions close May 10 2021. All selected artists will receive a limited edition Certificate of Weirdness! Forget Bitcoin, cryptoart and NFTs. This is worth real money! All submissions and/or enquiries to

MRWN - the art of Marwen Ben Cheikh

anonymous waves White Page Gallery proudly presents MRWN - the art of Marwen Ben Cheikh. This Special Event takes place for just 5 days from March 8th to 12th, and features recent film and sound work by this unique Tunisian artist. The exhibition will also feature 2 live ZOOM sessions with MRWN and his collaborators beaming in from Mali, Tunisia and Australia. Still from MOVE_ featuring the dancer Wael Marghni. The exhibition will be viewable here...

Return of the GIF!

Castell Lanko Sensory Deprivation 2

anonymous waves White Page Gallery is proud to present Return of the GIF! Featuring works by: sandra araújo, Castell Lanko, Methas Chantawongs, Nicole Kouts, Persefone, Lucas Rebelo, Domenico Barra, Systaime, Jack Williams, Francesco Seren Rosso, Nina Sobell, Domokos Váncsa, Vincent Egon Verschueren, Sonia E Barrett, Camelia Mirescu, Veronica Laminarca, omant, Andrea Roccioletti and Bob Georgeson. Visit exhibition here...

the node to nowhere

the node to nowhere was a collaborative node of the biennale NO, an art event that may or may not have taken place during November and December 2020. The biennale NO was organised by pioneers and revolved around use of the hashtag #biennaleNO. the node to nowhere was hosted by the anonymous waves White Page Gallery and took the form of a Google Drive doc that was publicly avaialable for anyone to contribute to. This book is the result. You can read online or download the PDF at the Internet Archive here...


Collaboration with Denitsa Dikova


The anonymous waves White Page Gallery is proud to present its inaugural exhibition #monalisa – a film by Jennifer Anderson and Vernon Lott (USA). Shot in slow motion over 3 days at the Louvre in Paris, and then edited down from 40 to 11 hours (the film makers had originally conceived a much shorter documentary but were so fascinated by the footage they left many of the takes intact), the film is an extraordinary document of our times. We are very excited to partner with Jennifer and Vernon to bring you this world premiere!

Jennifer Anderson and Vernon Lott's new experimental nonfiction film, “#monalisa,” immerses viewers in the pre-COVID-19 museum experience.

Each year, approximately ten million people visit the Louvre, and according to Henri Loyrette, the Louvre's former director, “eighty percent of the people only want to see the Mona Lisa.” But how many people actually look at the famous painting? Or do they just take a selfie? Filmed on a GoPro consumer camera, "#monalisa" is an interrogation of the relationship between art and technology.

Additionally, in a world where our attention spans are waning (a 2013 study conducted by Microsoft found that the average person's attention span was 8 seconds--one second less than that of a goldfish), "#monalisa" invites viewers to slow down and observe; to this end, the film was shot entirely in slow motion and the filmmakers kept the editing to a minimum--the longest shot is 45 minutes. As a result, the film turns visitors to the Louvre into works of art themselves. The film is a contemplation of human behavior and a meditation on looking.

"#monalisa" features cinematography by Nandan Rao and a wall-to-wall score by Peter Broderick and David Allred. At eleven hours, "#monalisa" might be the nineteenth longest experimental film ever made, and the score the second longest musical composition ever released. It's not necessarily meant to be watched from beginning to end. Viewers can click around on the link and watch it in any order.

Open call for the exhibition The Other Side

Open call for creatives working in any medium at any stage of their careers to submit work for the online exhibition The Other Side, curated and hosted by the anonymous waves White Page Gallery. The exhibition explores the themes of alienation, isolation and loneliness and poses the questions: What effect does new technology and political systems have on these conditions? What impact does the prevalence of these conditions have on a coherent society? 

Submissions close August 31 2020 and the exhibition will launch later this year. More information and submission form can be found at the anonymous waves White Page Gallery website page.

A viral lockdown online collaborative art and music interaction

"Not sure what to call this one? Thought of Francis Bacon for some reason. Any suggestions?" said @anonymouswaves (aka Bob Georgeson) on Twitter referring to a stunning piece of digital art design he had just finished and shared.

"Tubular Crystal Vortex Undulating On a Lava Sunset. I'll probably have to produce a track with the same title now (insert laughing emoticon)" said me in a half joking and half serious manner. (Sheer Zed)

"Can't wait to hear that!" replies @anonymouswaves (aka Bob Georgeson) on Twitter.

"You're on. May I have your excellent art work as the cover? I'll make it a freebie on Bandcamp." said me. (Sheer Zed)

Tubular Crystal Vortex Undulating on a Lava Sunset

Tubular Crystal Vortex Undulating on a Lava Sunset

If you could take a sharp plane to reality, would the curl look a little like that?
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel memories?
Enter flux twirl this is incredibly mesmerizing
I would dare suggest a title for this image
But I find it very interesting Planet Saturn Ring Cycle
A visual experience that we have strongly related to the two dimensionality of technical image
That looks awesome! Worm Hole Bacon z vortex {Coffee, Eggs and Wormholes}
Public Vortex? white noise Quantum Tunnel
Tunnel to My Heart Quantum Decoherence
My colon! makes me think of a guild heighliner from Dune
The act of representing as if it were three-dimensional
An astronomical “Worm Hole” comes to mynd
Without the Riding Valkyries!

by Sheer Zed, Melwell Romancito, Archimadrita Sophrony, Krysia St Clair, Mitch Posada, Simone Leifels, Paul Payten, Lisa Videion, Yvana Samandova, Dean Brink, Ohm Zutt, John Bardakos, Steve Stafford, Margosha Pyke, Pteryx McKenna, Daniel Mcmahan, Carlos Orraca, Ron Smyrski, Vicki Curry and Bob Georgeson

Homeostasis Lab

VERY excited about being selected for 2020 ARTISTS on the run on the theme of DIGITAL Decolonization as part of the Homeostasis Lab. The Lab has been going since 2013 and "is a constant and timeless “work in progress” and runs through a collaborative open-system of artists, art thinkers, museums and institutions from different places all over the world. Connected together, the immaterial consciousness helps the system to act as a repository designed for sharing the digital artistic production.

Exploring the aspect of data accumulation, we aim to create a multi-cultural aesthetic experience, only possible through digital media. The aesthetic environment is regulated naturally over a feedback system that depends on receiving constant input from organic/human artistic production, where information is always being exchanged through its constituent elements, reaching a constantly changeable equilibrium. This way the Lab works as a thermometer, a self-regulatory media."

My work selected was Transitory Encounter

Night Watch

Honoured to have a collaborative sound piece included in The Implicit Orders "The Chain" Volume Two album which along with Volume One summarises/celebrates his 30 years in the business of experimental sound compositions spanning a staggering total of 57 albums. You can find the full discography here

Gondwana before the split...

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Night Watch

A collaboration with Anthony Washburn aka The Implicit Order...