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Bob Georgeson

Born: Adelaide South Australia 1950
Art education: Melbourne State College, Victorian College of the Arts, Deakin University.
Art related occupations: Set design, display artist, art teacher, graphic, web and information design, visualization consultant.


The Porous Body presented by Peripheral Forms, Portland, Oregon, 2019 (video)
Magmart XI - video under volcano, International Videoart Festival, Salerno, Italy, 2019 (video)
Monumenta - international archive for the contemporary anti-monument, Puerto Rica, 2019 (photomedia)
Five Points of a Circle, M16 Artspace, Canberra, 2019 (video) (solo)
Experimental Video, Exchange Gallery, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, 2018 (video)
SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum), curated by Michael Borras AKA Systaime, France, 2018 (video) 
dadabloge, an international dada event organised by the Mobius Group, Boston, 2018 (video and poetry)
TYPOMANIA International Festival 2018, Museum of Moscow, Russia, 2018 (video)
SPAMM FUTURE ft. Perfect Users: Your Vision About Spam Messages In The Future (curated by Adrian Pickett (UK), Michael Borras AKA Systaime (France) and William Wolfgang Wunderbar), 2018 (video)
One Minute Artists Moving Image Festival, North Wales, 2018 (video)
The Perfect Users: a group of artists on Facebook that came together as part of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale 2017/18 (ongoing) (video & animated GIFs)
Contributor to We Invented Nothing - a film by Julija Paskeviciute and Lisa Kovalenko as part of Bierumer Art Movie, Bierumer School, Netherlands 2017/18 (video)
Prosthetic Pavilion: The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale (curated by Darko Vukic, Belgrade, Serbia) 2017/18 (video)
Blue Magpie Experimental Film Series, Hsinchu City, Taiwan 2017(video)
Precipice: redefining print media, Spiral Gallery, Bega 2017(photomedia)
Spiral Gallery 20th Anniversary, Spiral Gallery, Bega and The Q Exhibition Space, Queanbeyan 2017 (photomedia)
Your Voice, in conjunction with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, As-Suwayda, Syria 2016 (photomedia)
Road to the Absolute, curated and presented experimental film program for Batemans Bay International Fringe Festival 2016 (video)
Peepshow, Interactive online environment for Artlands Dubbo 2016 (photomedia)
LonDada, International Dada Festival, The Cinema Museum, London 2016 (video)
ReArtVision, Bega 2014 (as part of Festival of the Face) (video)
Love & Desire, Spiral Gallery, Bega 2014 (plus curating) (video)
anonymous waves, Shop 7 Art Space, Bermagui 2013 (as part of Sculpture on the Edge) (video & photomedia) (solo)
Past and Present, Spiral Gallery, Bega 2012 (photomedia)
G1, Spiral Gallery, Bega 2011 (plus curating) (photomedia)
Brides of Christ, Ivy Hill Gallery, Wapengo, 2010 (photomedia) (solo)
Blokes, Spiral Gallery, Bega 2009 (photomedia)
Construct: sculpture in the house, Bega Valley Regional Gallery 2009 (photomedia & sculpture)
An Exhibition of Erotic Art, Wolfgang's Art Gallery, Cobargo 2009 (photomedia)
On the Edge – towards Postmodernism, Bega Valley Regional Gallery 2009 (Awarded First Prize) (photomedia)
Wyndham Art Exhibition 2007 (Winner of Opening Night Award) (photomedia)
Photomontages at Farewell to Jim Mollison, Director National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Yacht Club 1989 (photomedia)
Winner of Frank & David Bulbeck Memorial Art Prize 1967 (painting)

Founding member of dadaland collective: 2018 [dadaland collective: is Tim Tsang (USA), Anthony Washburn (aka The Implicit Order) (USA), Elle Thorkveld (USA), Milica Raicevic (Serbia), Sava Zolog (aka Darko Vukic) (Serbia), Gabriela Green Olea (Australia), Jose Ramon Alcala (Spain), Kerry Baldry (UK), Isaac Liehne (Australia), Parch Es (USA), Stefan Ljumov (Serbia), Yvana Samandova (France), Michael Szpakowski (UK), Borjan Zarevski (France), Miloš Bojović (Serbia), Yartn Saloan (Mexico) and myself]. Video production for projects with sound artists Hyaena Fierling (Portugal & UK), The Implicit Order (USA), emptywhale (UK), Calling Sister Midnight (USA), Hidden Tribe (Russia), Inert Project (Italy & USA), Ann Key (Netherlands), aPatch ofNettles (Australia), David M Paganin (Australia) and visual and performance artists Milica Raicevic (Serbia), Griet Menschaert (Netherlands), Deniza Dikova (Bulgaria & Spain), Jamie Forbes (Australia), Alina Stefan (Romania), Gabriela Green Olea (Australia) et al.

Publications and Collections:
The Porous Body presented by Peripheral Forms, Portland, Oregon, 2019 (video)
Monumenta - international archive for the contemporary anti-monument, Puerto Rica, 2019 (photomedia) 
SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum), France, 2018 (video)
Videodrome 2 Collection as part of VIDÉOTHÈQUE Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France, 2018 (video)
dadabloge, an event organised by the Mobius Group, Boston, 2018 (video and poetry)
Bega Valley Regional Gallery Featured Artist 2018
Co-Meta Remix Artists Collective Newsletter #13 2018 (featured artist)
Contemporary Literary Horizons Nr.3 (47) May-June 2015. (3 poems published in English & translated into Romanian)

Online channels:

Bob Georgeson
+61 437 872 728
e-mail: surrealdada@gmail.com

Bob Georgeson has remained committed to the dada protest and surrealist path since meeting the Czech born Australian surrealist Dusan Marek in Adelaide in 1970. Originally slicing through the eyeball of the intersection of reality and desire with a scalpel in a series of photomontages based on the symbiotic relationship between eroticism and religion, he has more recently turned to the subject of societal collapse and disorder, and the impact of new technologies on human interactions.

Tired of exhibiting in the white cube he turned to video art in 2012 and began working on collaborative online projects in the Creative Commons. He has since published over 140 experimental films and continues to work with musicians, artists and performers around the world from his home in a remote corner of South Eastern Australia.

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